Halo Legends Dated For Japan, First Look At Movie Cover

Halo Legends, Microsoft's collaboration with some of the biggest productions house of the anime industry, has a Japanese release date. The film will be released February 16, 2010 on DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

The ¥5,980 Blu-ray version is a two-disc set, while the ¥4,980 DVD version comes on three discs.

Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4 C, and Toei Animation are each creating shorts for Halo Legends.

Production I.G.'s Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell) is serving as creative director of the project, while Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed) will be directing Production I.G.'s Halo Legends episodes.

アニメ『Halo Legends』がブルーレイとDVDで2010年2月16日に発売決定 [Famitsu]


    Blu-ray = PS3
    Halo = Xbox

    The hell?

    When will they design a character that isn't Motoko Kusanagi?

    Cortana looks hella hot in this anime. That is all :D

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