Halo Wars...Clay

Microsoft's Halo Wars is popular enough to merit its own line of toys — official toys. It also is popular enough to merit a line of rip off toys that come packed in clay.

Because if you are going to rip someone off, do it with clay.

"It's one of those kits where you get a small piece of clay and have to 'unearth' what's inside," notes reader Sarah. And whatever did she find?

This is like an archeological expedition where the goal is to dig up who is going to get sued. No, it's not like that at all — it really is!


    This is just perplexing. What kind of idiots would think a 'dig crappy plastic figures out of a lump of clay' would be a good idea?
    Let alone the fact they pinned a known sci-fi name onto bland WW2 themed models. Why aren't these people just shot outright for stupidity?

    why is there a malaysian flag there?

    WTF is a Malaysian flag doing there, too!?

    __ _
    .-.' `; `-._ __ _
    (_, .-:' `; `-._
    ,'o"( (_, )
    (__,-' ,'o"( )>
    ( (__,-' )
    `-'._.--._( )
    ||| |||`-'._.--._.-'
    ||| |||

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