Happy 15th Birthday, PlayStation!

It all began 15 years ago today. On December 3, 1994, Sony released the PlayStation in Japan. The rest, as they say, is history.

Yes, it's hard to remember now, but there once was a time, before WipeOut, before Tomb Raider, before PaRappa, that Sony entering the gaming business didn't sound like such a sure bet.

There was a failed attempt at a CD-based system in partnership with Nintendo. There was the fact Sony were an unproven force in a market dominated by Nintendo and Sega. And the PlayStation's approach was all so adult.

Time, of course, has proven any doubts unfounded. The original PlayStation blew people's minds from the moment it launched, and its successor - the PS2 - is still the #1 selling video game console of all time. So it too did OK.

True, things haven't quite been the same for the company since, with both the PSP and PS3 failing to achieve the same level of market dominance. Oh well. There's still plenty of time left for both platforms (well, at least the PS3, which has been coming along in great strides all year), and besides, today isn't a day for nit-picking.

It's a day for clinking glasses. Happy birthday, PlayStation. Think it's safe to say the video game business wouldn't have been the same without you.

(History buffs/Sony fans might want to check out this celebratory site, which is quite neat. It even has the ducks!)


    cheers to sony! for an awesome 15 years of distraction from studies and work! and i wouldnt have had it any other way!

    i loved my psone especially when it came out in slim form. its nicely stored away ^_^

    i still remember buying the original playstation. that was a truly awesome day. must have been 96 or 97. i also remember sending off the form to sign up with them and a few weeks later i got a whole bunch of demo discs and stuff. that unit is sadly no longer with us. the controller had a way of launching itself from my hands at the console and one day it just had enough. i also bought a psone. funnily enough it suffered the same fate lol. i skipped ps2 all together. then the PS3 came out in all its wireless glory and i knew this was the console for me. it no longer had to sit in the middle of the room on the front lines. it could be safely tucked away from my rage filled, self launching controllers. i now have 2 of them and neither of them have been struck.... yet. the controllers however still find a way to self propel across the room and there have been 2 or 3 casualties. luckily controllers dont cost between $500-$900.
    makes you wonder, if sony never entered the console market themselves where we'd be now? Sega would surely still be with us.
    congrats Sony on 15 kick ass years. you have brought me lots of rage filled happiness.

    Can I have a brief nerd-moment? Tomb Raider actually began life on the Saturn, and then Core sold their souls to make future games exclusive to the PSone in the 32-bit era.

    Mind, given they probably wanted to actually make money on their business (I love my Saturn, but let's be honest, outside Japan it didn't do very well at all), it was an entirely sensible move. I'm still irrationally bitter that they abandoned Sega when they made such a huge contribution to the Mega CD :)

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