Heavy Rain Gets A Collector's Edition

Heavy Rain's pre-order DLC in the US won't be pre-order DLC in Europe. Instead, it'll be part of the Heavy Rain: Collector's Edition box set.

Yes, Sony are going all-out in the game's home market, offering the game in a "specially embossed" box (to make it look like it's been rained on) that includes episode 1 of the Heavy Rain Chronicles, the game's soundtrack and a dynamic XMB theme for your PS3.

By 2009 standards (well, 2010's), that's pretty thin for a special edition. What, no collectible vinyl of that woman sobbing in her kitchen, gun in her mouth?


    If it includes a soundtrack, its A+ to me.

    May be a stupid question, will AU be getting this treatment as well?

      From what ive heard about the game i dbout we will get it at all, and if we do, censored

        Heavy Rain is classified MA15+ in Australia and Sony has confirmed we will receive the same version as released overseas.

          Hooray for the Australian classification board allowing a lower rating for a generally mature rated gamed, because of the short-sighted and inadequate Censorship Act and Regulations which limits free choice and the rights of consumers.

    Well it's a very liteon CE. One that really I would have expected to be offered for the same price as the standard edition at place like JBHIFI if you pre-order..

    Definately would not pay more than an extra $10 for that.

    I'm glad we're getting the 1st chronicles add-on. I can't wait for this game.

    The collectors edition can be yours from EB for only $130 I assume?!

      actually $119.95, pre-ordered mine today at EB :D,so Ben aswell you wont be paying more then $10 extra for the CE

        GAME has the CE for $104, and the normal edition for $89.

        Also, I doubt the US$5 DLC will cost as much as the AU$15 difference.

    je its comming out in australia how do i know i pre ordered it hahah lol

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