Heavy Rain "Not A Video Game Anymore" In Creator's Mind

While there are some who believe Heavy Rain creator David Cage is a gifted man, others think he (and his games) are a little too full of themselves.

Both types will probably find these comments of interest, then. "Heavy Rain is not a video game anymore in my mind because it breaks with most of the traditional paradigms, but it's fully interactive," he told Destructoid. "If the format becomes successful, we will probably have to find a different name for this type of experience".

And if it doesn't, we will probably have to find a different name for David Cage.

Cage: Heavy Rain 'not a videogame anymore in my mind' [Destructoid]


    I agree, it's not a videogame. Not for the reasons he says, though. It's interactivity is what makes it a game, but it's dependence on storyline, and nature makes it more movie than game - it is interactive fiction, above all else

    Has anyone ever seen David Cage and Peter Molyneux at the same place and time?

      If this is a setup for a Chuck Norris styled joke, I promise I'll kill you myself.

      Here's the thing, though: Cage doesn't make obscene promises. Or as many, at least.

        If you're referring to Peter Molyneux, he lies every time he opens his mouth. I learned my lesson after I got smacked in the face a second time with his lies. I believe it was called Fable II.

          You never played Black & White? That's unfortunate.

    Hmm...I always liked interactive fiction styled stories. It's always fun to pick your own path.

    Except in those old books where you can mysteriously land on a sun filled with supercomputers without getting fried.

    That was a bad ending to the book 'Supercomputer'.

    Anyway, if I get a PS3, I'll have to heavily consider Heavy Rain.

    Couldn't this just be considered an adventure game? Seems to fit to all the criteria that I remember and Farenheit was sure as hell one. Although I love what they've done with the format I really don't see how, at its core, its that different from the Lucasarts games I used to play when I was younger. Inventory, dialouge options, puzzle solving...


      lol'd, I did.

    I actually think this is a bit concerning. “Its not a game anymore” but that’s just the thing this IS a game. I’m all for innovation but not when it’s just innovation for the sake of appeasing the mind of a video game director and disregarding quality. I personally don’t think this interactive story movie/game thing will kick off. People buy games to play games not watch cutscenes, at least i do anyway. But who knows maybe this will be the norm in a few years, but i doubt it, they already tried this with Fahrenheit and failed, sure the game was critically acclaimed but it didn’t sell at all.

      Are you forgetting Metal Gear Solid 4?
      Sure everyone said "ROFL the cutscenes are longer than the game, lolololol!!!!!111one", but we happily ate it up anyway. mmmm delicious.

    This smacks of the whole graphic novel/comic distinction that made a big stink about 10 years ago. Some would argue that one is merely a subcategory of the other, extending the form in new directions, but still possessing the intrinsic characteristics of its forebears.

    Time will tell with Heavy Rain, I guess.

    I haven't played it but from previews this seems to be a new tech/evolved version of the classic point/click story driven PC games of the 90's.

    Farenheit/indigo wasn't a game either Mr Cage; games are fun.

    this is not similar to the yu suzuki FREE is it?

    Maybe this will finally be the hybrid between movie and game, which is long overdue. Games like COD MW2 sort of get close with their completely scripted storyline from start to finish.

    "A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device." It is all well and fun to say your latest title isn't a game for a few headline grabs and to drum up some media but a cheetah can't change its spots. Or is that leopard?

    Of course he'll think that. There's even a trophy that is either named or described as “Thank you for supporting interactive drama.” Because that's what it basically is.

    I for one hand is intrigued by this abnormal genre and will support it from day one release.

    I'm interested to see how well Heavy Rain does; I reckon it could be the gateway to more modern games of this type. I'm not particularly interested in the game itself, but if it gets more ideas rolling, I'm all for it.

      It seems like a lot of people are going to give it a chance and want it to succeed. I know I am. But what if it's just not entertaining? Do we have one chance of getting this new medium right and if it fails then that's it?

    Such an ambitious game, so many choices. I hope they leave this one in the oven long enough. As Miyamoto once said, A late game is only late for a little while, a bad game is bad forever. Though I guess that was before patches.

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