Heavy Rain To Introduce Delayed Trophies, Fix Alerts

In the interest of establishing a mood and not having it ruined by a Trophy alert, the developers of 2010 PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain have been authorised by Sony to do something new.

Heavy Rain will have Trophies. But you won't be told that you earned them until the breaks between the game's chapters.

Quantic Dream co-CEO Guilaume de Fondaumiere told Kotaku in New York that the game's Trophy alerts will operate on a delay. That gets the team around the problem of having the little Trophy alert message and accompanying chime interrupt scenes of tense crime-scene investigation or a father's quiet struggle to get his son to talk to him after a bad day at school. The game will maintain its mood during the important parts by rewarding the gamer with alerts during transitional scenes.

Since their inception, Achievements on the Xbox 360 and the similar service of Trophies on the PlayStation 3 have been widely popular among gamers. But the alerts that signify the winning of an Achievement or Trophy can and do get in the way of subtitle text or otherwise distract players. And while an option to turn the alerts is one solution to this issue that some gamers use, having the Trophies rewarded after the fact is another method that permits a notice of accomplishment without killing a carefully constructed mood.


    Nice idea, for a game of this type its definitely worth preserving the experience.

    Might be a bit frustrating if you're trying for a specific trophy thats accomplished near the start of a chapter and you have to play through the whole thing before you find out of you got it.

    I like this a lot. While I understand the appeal of Trophies and Achievements, they kill the immersion factor in a lot of games and would be particularly inappropriate in Heavy Rain.

    Here's hoping that such a feature becomes standard for other games too.

    wow. these guys are really going after every little detail no matter how small. even though the more i see it the more i dont really like it, i still feel compelled toward it. i am going to buy it as soon as its released regardless of if i like it or not. just because it is so damn different!
    as long as atkinson and his friggin cronies give it a rating!

      It's already been approved (MA) even with sex scenes, afew weeks ago

      The game was rated back in mid-November, passed...


      Classification : MA 15+
      Consumer Advice : Strong violence, themes and sex scene

        I always find it amusing when a game is rated before it is even complete xD

        Still, I'm looking forward to this one. Possible the most unique sounding game I've ever heard of.

          Yeah I really don't get that. Surely their are guidelines so that they can't just add some rape scene ya know. Would like to know how it works etc...

          But wasn't MW2 rated WITHOUT the Russian mission?? Or was it rated WITH it?? For reason i think it was rated without it. It's kinda weird cause some games are rated so early even when dev's say they're no where near completed.

    Sounds like a great idea. Uncharted 1 and 2 could have used something like that. Getting the nicely integrated medal notifications, only to have the trophy alert for the same thing pop-up a second later (or in the case of Drake's Fortune, over the top) was really irritating.

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