Helpful Tips To Avoid Aussie Censor's Banhammer

The guys at Gamespot AU have put together an amusing yet instructional video on how developers can avoid having their games banned in Australia.

Dan Brown novels and Prince Charles alone would be sufficient for me to refuse to classify anything. But Miranda Kerr? Really?

Crosshairs Skit - How to Not Get Your Game Banned Down Under [Gamespot AU]


    Haha, the guy at the end demonstrating drug use as a space marine was wearing a Sia shirt. <3

    Miranda Kerr EPIC.

    Colour me bored but I went and wrote down the "handy list of things you need to avoid in your game".

    Graffiti, Leisure Suit Larry, Words that end in "orphine", Hidden sex minigames, Freaky sex, Regular sex, The word "sex", Dudes who like dudes, Chicks who like chicks, Parachutes full of faeces, Sex toys, Midgets armed with sex toys, The Manhunt series, Hot Coffee, Double necked guitars, Zombies, Genital mutilation, Genitals, Sexy poker, Magic mushrooms (Nintendo excepted), Ligers, Coke lines, Coke cans, Cans, Sweet cans, Syringes, Pills, The pill, Neurofen, Panadol Forte, Tennis racquets, John Farnham, Gratuitous nudity, Any nudity, Nude nuns, References to foreplay, Foreplay, Foreskins, The Big Banana, Ear swabs, Prince Charles, The Duchess of York, Hitler, Nazi insignia, Images of Hitler Youth, Religious imagery, Dan Brown novels, Pieces of bread in the shape of Jesus, Rosary beads, Anal beads, Gobstoppers, Penis-shaped pasta, Boob-shaped pasta, Edible underwear, Pictures of underwear, Miranda Kerr.

      Ligers! No! Tigons I could understand but not Ligers!


    @Ben Abraham You better believe it!

    Neurofen... lol. Nice mock vid though.

    Someone should actually make a serious one based on the guidelines, there is far to much misinformation about this issue.

    Ahahahah, sweet cans.

    rofl, all I'm getting is "We're sorry, but you are not eligible to view or
    download this video due to ESRB guidelines." in the box... Seriously the video itself has been censored. :)

    and yes, I set the year to pre 1989 :) I just went to another computer and played it with a different browser and for some reason it worked :)

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