Here's Nintendo's Enviro-Friendly Game Case

The TIE Fighter-Wing looking "green" game cases have been out for Xbox 360 since most November releases. Go Nintendo has an image of what they'll look like for Wii games, beginning with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

As you can see, it keeps the octagonal design on the right side, but stamps out a recycling symbol on the left. I suppose the weights and material used are equivalent. All that's left now is a look at Sony's Blu-ray case design.

A larger version of this image, if you're interested, is at Go Nintendo's link.

New 'Green' Game Cases - Wii Version [Go Nintendo]


    I’m not sold on the design of it really, it looks like it’s just asking to get a huge scratch down the side of your CD. I hope this doesn’t become the norm, if it does I’ll just buy my games then go buy those blank DVD cases from my video store. Screw the environment i want my games to work.

    But honestly how much could this actually help the environment, wouldn’t the three big game companies buy better press and help the environment more buy giving money to grassroots environmental organisations or something?, get rid of this garbage.

    Did they really have to have that huge recycling symbol on there? Looks ugly as hell.

    I see Nintendo have caved in to Greenpeace's bribes - I mean requests!

    Mr Spoon does not care what material or form his game packaging comes in, so long as the game does not turn out to be a steaming pile.

    I believe the blu ray cases are the sturdiest this generation. ive had way too many xbox 360 cases break and the wii ones are okay but not as thick and i think the smaller design helps the ps3 cases.

    I'm not a huge fan of the design, but it's pretty cool. Assuming they reduce weight by about 20 grams per game - this according to the linked article - on shipping 1 million copies, they'd be transporting 20 tonnes less. Not bad!

    As long as it doesn't result in more scratched/broken discs, it's a good idea. At the end of the day, it's just a case.

    They lose, what, a few grams of plastic? I'd bet that there's some other measure they could take during production that would save much more, um, energy? ...and not result in flimsier, more easily breakable packs? How will this help the environment if we have to go out of our way to replace the cases, which are fragile enough as it is? And the ridges are not going to be good for your disks either...

    Shit, if they donated half a cent (yes) from every DVD case they ever manufactured to some conservation charity or something, they'd have a waaaay more substantial reason to call them environmentally friendly... I haven't seen one of these cases yet, but this looks like a joke...

    Hmm. A case. A case designed of recycled materials. A case designed to be environmentally friendly.

    This should be adapted into the current Wii generation as fast as possible. New is good. Green is good.'s a hexagon, not an octagon =/
    Unless I failed primary school maths. Which I didn't.

    I was under the impression that cases were designed to protect fragile disk media.

    Guess I was wrong :/

    They only do it because it makes them look good to the greenies.

    why remove the plastic from where the disk is? there is plenty of plastic they could get rid of in each corner and acheve the same thing. or redeesign the case to not be a rectangle but a square or hexagon.

    The manual will cover the recycling symbol quite nicely but I still don't like the disc being backed by holes. Of course I would look for another case if I saw a currant one with a tear or hole in the back of it. So now everyone will do it.

    That being said I keep my DVD's in Racks and have never had a problem with a case being damaged and that includes my car attempting to walk across the top of the racks and knocking them all down.

    I suppose for the truly paranoid you could put your disc in backwards, although I'm sure there are problems there and it's far from an ideal solution. That being said I don't think I've scratched a game I cared about. I know I did horrible horrible things to a huge pile of AOL CD's.

    Why don't they shrink the cases down to CD case size? They are already generating enough hate from people thinking that discs will be damaged so the arguing from people who want aesthetically pleasing game shelving wont seem as harsh.
    Wii can't play DVD movies, so why ship games in DVD cases? (I never understood why the Gamecube games were in such large cases too).

      I guess before changing the size of a case, you need to think about the contents first. Guides/manuals being shrunk down means more paper, more ink. Less environmentally friendly?

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