Here's Why Aliens Vs Predator Was Refused Classification In Australia

Decapitation, dismemberment, locational damage, impalement, eye-gouging and the use of human heads as trophies: that's why Aliens vs Predator was refused classification in Australia, as we reported this morning.

The official Classification Board report on the title says the Sega game is "unsuitable for a minor to see or play" because it "contains violence that is high in impact."

Here's the full description of the content in question:

"The game contains first-person perspective, close-up depictions of human characters being subjected to various types of violence, including explicit decapitation and dismemberment as well as location damage such as stabbing through the chest, throat, mouth or eyes.

Characters can be stabbed with a Predator's wrist blade or an Alien's tail in depictions reminiscent of impalement. The Predator collects "trophies" by explicitly ripping off human heads, their spinal columns dangling from severed necks.

Head can be twisted completely around in order to break a character's neck. Eyes can be stabbed through or gouged, leaving empty, bloodied eye sockets.

It is noted that a player is able to combine manoeuvres together in quick succession, which further increases impact; for example, a Predator can stab a character through both eyes with its wrist blade and then rip off their head, with spinal column still attached. Extensive post mortem damage, including decapitation and dismemberment, is also possible.

Depictions of violence such as the above are accompanied by copious amounts of blood and gore, including ample wound details and visible skeleton.

In the opinion of the Board, the violence in the game causes a high playing impact due to its first-person, close-up perspective, conceptual nature and the level of explicit detail involved in the depictions. The game is therefore unsuitable for a minor to see or play and should be refused classification."

In essence, similar to the situation with Left 4 Dead 2, it's the human appearance of the victims of such high level violence that increases the impact.

Sega told us earlier today that they are considering all their options, including the possibility of an appeal. We'll update you when we hear more.


    AVP movies are ok but not the game? Hannibal alright for minors to see? If there was an R18 classification in Australia where ID is required to purchase the game then I suppose minors wont get their hands on it... unless those irresponsible parents who work for the classification board buy it for their kids. They shouldn't be banning and games just because they cant look after their own kids properly, its unfair on the rest of us.

    oh well...

    Well that sounds pretty violent to me...

    This situation has got to come to a head soon, unless we get a fair and representative ratings system this will happen with greater and greater frequency. Until that day FTW and hope that every dev studio that plans to release a violent game decides NOT to region code their products.

    I wonder if the guys from the OFLC linked linked the game to any of the movies. That's just what predators do!

    There's no point in appealing, it will just get refused again.

    Us gamers will just have to import it like we usually do.

    Is it just me or is there an abundance of games being refused clasification at the moment?

    +1 R18+ etc

    As graphics get better (and thus the depictions of humans in games more lifelike) more and more violent games will be RC'ed and this issue will become much more prevalent than it already is.

    The latter half of this year has seen higher-profile games hit by the RC-hammer, games that we actually care about and want to experience as they were intended.

    Part of me hopes that Atkinson succeeds in having Modern Warfare 2 pulled off the shelves. My hope is that it may galvanise gamers into action and bring much more publicity to the issue.

    I actually sympathise with the Classification Board. They are doing their job within the restrictions they have. Yet they attacked from both sides: by gamers for RC'ing their favourite games, and by Atkinson himself: "The Classification Board in Australia does everything to try to get games in under the radar."

    So once again we see movies receive the 'R' classification but a game from that movie franchise is refused classification altogether.

    It really is a case of double standards.

    So it is ok for a Predator movie to have close up gore, chests exploding, decapitation and human head trophies but when the game contains the same it's all of a sudden to impacting.

    When are we going to actually see the R classfication for games and usher in a safe rating system for minors as adults alike.

    I'm still waiting for my Christmas miracle to save this game

    'The game is therefore unsuitable for a minor to see or play and should be refused classification.'

    I dont understand how they can knock back an R18 rating but state its not for kids.

    Yet more money that won't be given to Australian retailers.

    Implosions are always fun to watch.

    I understand that killing the "infected" in some ways maybe harmful due to the fact they are human. But you play as an alien killing Humans or Humans killing aliens.

    Theres a fine line in there.

    "a Predator can stab a character through both eyes with its wrist blade and then rip off their head, with spinal column still attached." - This sentence makes this game sound even more awesome.

    Fingers crossed for Atkinson to be ousted or for QLD to pass the laws enabling us to have an R18+ category..


    okay this is getting ridiculous

    Good Luck with that SEGA but until their is a 18+ i'll be having my copy imported through DSL.

    if they appeal they are wasting time and money and effort

    that will never fit into the guidelines in a million years, especially considering L4D2 was upheld.

    note unsuitible for minors


    i didnt realise that was even the target audience for this stuff i know 15 yr olds that havnt seen any of the alien or predator movies

    Prohibition is NEVER more effective than regulation and control. When the fuck will the human race realise this?

    .. and this game sounds AWESOME! Play-asia, and other OS retailers must be loving the Classification Board right now!

    I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but No shit this is unsuitable for minors. It's just such a pity that by having an R18+ category, less minors will play it, and all the adults get their fix as well, legally. Just madness...


    Is it just me or do the OCB do a great job at advertising? :D

    This. sounds. AWESOME!!!11!!!1!!!!!

    Here we go again. Good luck 'gamers 4 croydon' i hope your other policies are up to scratch. This is getting absurd.

    Concerned gamer age 22.

    I'd say an appeal would be a waste of their money. AVP sounds like it's several steps up from what L4D2 had on offer and it was unanimously RC'ed on appeal.

    One wonders how they could possibly tone down the violence without significant rework also. Importing seems to be the most likely solution (with the added risk of possession charges in WA / NT).

    Yes, I completely agree it's unsuitable for a minor to see or play.

    So what about adults?

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