Here's Why Aliens Vs Predator Was Refused Classification In Australia

Decapitation, dismemberment, locational damage, impalement, eye-gouging and the use of human heads as trophies: that's why Aliens vs Predator was refused classification in Australia, as we reported this morning.

The official Classification Board report on the title says the Sega game is "unsuitable for a minor to see or play" because it "contains violence that is high in impact."

Here's the full description of the content in question:

"The game contains first-person perspective, close-up depictions of human characters being subjected to various types of violence, including explicit decapitation and dismemberment as well as location damage such as stabbing through the chest, throat, mouth or eyes.

Characters can be stabbed with a Predator's wrist blade or an Alien's tail in depictions reminiscent of impalement. The Predator collects "trophies" by explicitly ripping off human heads, their spinal columns dangling from severed necks.

Head can be twisted completely around in order to break a character's neck. Eyes can be stabbed through or gouged, leaving empty, bloodied eye sockets.

It is noted that a player is able to combine manoeuvres together in quick succession, which further increases impact; for example, a Predator can stab a character through both eyes with its wrist blade and then rip off their head, with spinal column still attached. Extensive post mortem damage, including decapitation and dismemberment, is also possible.

Depictions of violence such as the above are accompanied by copious amounts of blood and gore, including ample wound details and visible skeleton.

In the opinion of the Board, the violence in the game causes a high playing impact due to its first-person, close-up perspective, conceptual nature and the level of explicit detail involved in the depictions. The game is therefore unsuitable for a minor to see or play and should be refused classification."

In essence, similar to the situation with Left 4 Dead 2, it's the human appearance of the victims of such high level violence that increases the impact.

Sega told us earlier today that they are considering all their options, including the possibility of an appeal. We'll update you when we hear more.


    Sounds fair enough to me.
    Everything in that report I agree with, especially the part about being unsuitable for players under 18.

    So... next topic. R18+!

    I wonder how many more games it takes to change this whole ordeal....

    haha... It was coming :'(.

    Why don't we just paint all the marines green, give em pointy teeth and long ears and call them orcs.


    The way that they describe it makes me want the game more. What DO they want Predators and Aliens to do to humans?..

    OMG Aliens Vs Predator wasn't meant for minors. Im pretty sure that the Makers of Aliens Vs Predator didn't make the game for Minors. It was meant for Adults, We need a R18+ Rating for Games in Australia.

      Here's an example. How come this game gets banned when House of the Dead: Overkill gets a MA15+ rating?

    Man that sounds awesome! Can't wait to get me an import of that bad boy!

    Wow! This game sounds awesome!

    If we weren't under the thumb of belligerent wowsers this game might not get the publicity it deserves!

    Geeze the board should write the promo's for the game. Sounds frikken awesome.

    if gamers where not so lazy... riots would have started by now...

    This is entirely accurate for the game. R rating, minimum, except we don't have one. And there will be more and more of this as realism improves. The problem is gaming is evolving, but the rules aren't. Gaming is becoming more mainstream, but the misconceptions of the general public and the people in charge are going to keep Australia from enjoying a selection of the more realistic and cathartic games until people start to realize Michael Atkinson is losing touch.

    play-asia here i come. Another part of my income that will go overseas because of some beurocrat and his mission to win the BIGGEST DOUCHE IN THE UNIVERSE AWARD. take a bow son...

    luckily, i wasn't really interested in this, but if I was, hooray for imports!

    Hah, I'll be downloading/importing this one, didn't even know about it!

    I wouldn't mind working on that board: "This game is TOO FUCKING AWESOME for human consumption and MUST BE BANNED to maintain ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY."

    You know what? Screw Michael Atkinson taking a moral highground over violence in games. Maybe some of us enjoy what he calls 'senseless and depraved violence.' This doesn't make us sick in the head or mean we go around pulling out people's spines, it just means we enjoy it on a completely vicarious level.

    I wish he'd come to understand that people enjoying violent games doesn't mean they enjoy violence in real life. His whole moral arguement would fall apart if he did.

    This may cheer people up. Mr Atkinson is being accused of corruption and now is the subject of an ombudsman's enquiry. Perhaps David could add this link to the article? seems fairly relevant to me.,22606,26435966-5006301,00.html

    The more games that get banned, the more i worry about when they'll cotton on to us just importing it.

    Oh my. God of War 3 depicts an act of decapitating of a God. Bless Australia (read again without the periods) :D

    Its AVP.. what the hell did they expect the Preditors to give you flowers while the Xenomorphs yipp happly at your feet with your slippers..

    Ofcourse on the other hand I wasn't overly surprised this was banned.. its Australia... its a great looking game.. its an awesome book series.. (no comment on the movies) its a fantastic franchise.. all in all the things that get banned here.
    This is a PRIME example of why we should have the R ratting for games.. so the audience its targetting can play the game..

    ... Polititions.. I say we nuke from Orbit.. Its the only way to be sure

    Its nice to know i'm not the only one that sees a Classification Board report as an advertisement for me to import. I totally had no interest in this game until I read that, now its an instant buy.

    If a few more high profile games like L4D2 and AVP get refused classification it will just give more ammo to point out the problems with the system. But we still need the senate review paper to be released. So the politicians have something to read about it first.

    As for the examples that Atkinson wanted included, what better than all the games that have been refused.

    It's just another reason for an R18 reating however people are reading too much into the "minor" thing. We're not talking about children getting access to the game. The OFLC is grading this based on MA15+ being the highest rating the game could achieve. Technically 15 year olds are minors (even the bratty "I do what I want" 15yr olds.)

    They need to make an OPTION to turn off gore, or something like a parental mode, I've seen other gory games with this sort of option and pass the OFLC no problems.

    My uncut copy of Left 4 Dead 2 arrived via FedEx yesterday afternoon. Once I had called FedEx and confirmed it passed customs, I thought "owned". The Classification Board and Michael Atkinson can shove it up their ass if they think they're stopping me from playing adult games.

    I'll be doing the same with Alien vs Predator. Good on the developers for not being willing to censor it, they shouldn't have to compromise their work for pathetic little Australia.

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