Here's Your Daily Dose Of Bayonetta

Time cliches are one of the joys that movies, books and games get to savor when they market their use of time travel. That pleasure has now been extended to bullet time games in Bayonetta's latest trailer.

Witch Time is what they call bullet time in Bayonetta. In the strictest sense of the gameplay term, you could argue that it's not really bullet time since there are no bullets. But everything slows down for the sexy Sega heroine long enough for her to dodge, deflect back attacks and otherwise be a badass. So I guess you could call it "sexy slowdown" time.


    I can't take this game seriously when Bayonetta's proportions are so off.

    Kamiya said that her proportions are based on proportions of real models. Yeah, you can say models aren't hot, but you gotta admit, Bayonetta is hot.

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