Hey, Hellgate Is Back!

Proving you can't keep an ill-conceived MMO down, the Hellgate series is back. And it's moved on from London. And the English language. And now finds itself in Japan. Speaking Korean.

March 2010? Best of luck to you, Hellgate.


    Hellgate begins at grandmas house.

    I played Hellgate:London for a short time. It was an interesting idea, but it wasn't very well executed.

    I played HG:L while it was around and enjoyed it immensely, although having to look past the problems that eventually killed it. I certainly hope we see this (sequel?) come to light in the western world.

    Why do people keep telling me it's an mmo?

      Because lots of people can play online at the same time, though not necessarily together. So it's not an MMO, it's like Diablo or NWN.

    mmff. One of the reasons it was so memorable because it was based in london, the story actually made sense

    I have a strong feeling that this is going to be blotched.. Korea after all has been churning out pretty generic mmorpg's lately...

    Heck give the game to From Software and make another demon's souls with guns and shit :)

    I played it singleplayer and it wasn't bad, really!

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