Hey, Tony Hawk, Might Be Time To Hang Up The Skates...Well, Skateboard

As seen on GameSpy.


    Dying genre? Dying interest in skateboarding in general?

    Or people don't want a frickin simulator bring back the arcadey fun again please.

    I definitely enjoyed the series more when it was more over-the-top and arcadey. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 was easily my favourite of the lot.

    What the hell does this graph even mean. Extremely poorly presented what the hell do the axis even represent??

      The x-axis lists the Tony Hawk games in chronological order; the y-axis indicates their Gamerankings aggregated review scores. The trend is quite clear.

        Painfully clear, even... at least for Tony.

    Ha! I've never visited game rankings before. Had no idea it was a meta-review site. I was trying to work out what the percentages were. Thanks.

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