High Moon Clears Up All This Gears Of War Talk About Transformers

Images of the upcoming Transformers: War for Cybertron have stoked chatter that it will draw heavily on Gears of War motifs. Transformers World 2005 got a talk with Matt Tieger of High Moon Studios and put the question to him.

I think a lot of that comes from the fact that we are using the same engine - the Unreal Engine - and that we are third-person," Tieger, High Moon's game director, told TFW2005. He added:

However there are some notable differences. One, we are not a cover-based shooter (you think Megatron would take cover?) Two, transform anywhere. Three, special abilities add an additional layer of strategic depth. Four, finally, Transformers has always been a team based property and each character has unique abilities so teamwork becomes pivotal. None of this should take away from the awesomeness that is Gears. Honestly, if gamers compare us positively to one of the all-time best games ever, I am thrilled!

You can see more of the interview, plus a picture of the no-cover-takin' Megatron at the link. TFW2005 War For Cybertron Interview with Aaron Archer and Matt Tieger [Transformers World 2005, thanks Darth Mallrat]


    i dont know i love tranformers and all but the games have kinda sucked (transformer revenge of the falen) but who knows they gota do alot to win me over

      did you ever play that ps2 transformers game made by some studio in melbourne? i didn't but it was meant to be pretty damn good.

        Wasn't amazing but it's still definitely the best transformers game to date.

    Faith in licenced games at the moment is a little higher then it was last year only due to the fact that Batman: Arkham Asylum kicked ass. Who knows? Maybe this might be as good as it - of course in all likelyhood it wont be and but i am now not going to judge any licenced game until i have demoed it and seen a couple of reviews on it.

    From what ive seen of this game so far its good to see they've taken a darker, more serious aproach to Transformers.
    Like Matt30822 has said maybe it will be as good as Bataman: AA :D

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