House Sets Up House On The IPhone

From the hit NBC medical drama comes Hands-On Mobile's House M.D. for the iPhone and iPod Touch. How does the intensity and excitement of differential diagnosis translate onto the iPhone?

Like this, apparently.

I have no idea what the hell is going on in this screenshot, but I'm interested in finding out. House M.D. seems to be a puzzle game of sorts, translating the rather dry diagnosis elements of the show into more readily-digestible puzzle bits. You are still using logic and reasoning in a way... you're just doing it in a more colourful fashion.

The game allows you to listen to your own music while you play, and there's a Facebook tie-in that lets you diagnose and save your friends from hideous rare diseases that are almost guaranteed to not be lupus. It's NEVER lupus.

I think I would have preferred a fighting game, but this will do in a pinch. House M.D. is now available on the App Store for $US2.99.


    Presumably you have to get the diagnosis wrong at least two times first, be resigned that the patient is going to die THEN all of a sudden you solve the problem.

    LMAOROFLYSST*!!!!! Its funny cause its true!

    (*Yet Somehow Still Typing)

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