Infamous Gets "New" DLC, Sells Over 1 Million

Poor Infamous. It's a good game, though one that's been overrun these past few months by titles demanding more of people's time/attention. So Sony figure, maybe some DLC will get you spinning the disc back up?

From December 10, the "Gigawatt Blades" superpower - which had previously been available only as a preorder incentive - will be released for free, for everyone. To quote Sony, it performs "massive damage".

Along with the new DLC, Sony also announced that the game will be dropped to $US40, have its soundtrack released later this month, and has now sold 1.2 million copies.


    Aww, I thought it would be serious DLC with new missions or something. I have those blades, they're not so great. So much for my special edition :\

    dropped to $40US?

    but its only $38AU here...

    Sounds weird. US$40? InFamous is selling here in OZ at under AUD$40.

    Harvey Norman have it for $38.

    wtb new content.. I would love to be able to glide unlimited

    Well i'd hardly call that DLC and the RRP has been that low anyway even if Sony didn't announce it. For MANY months now.

    But i don't think Sony necessary care if people aren't playing the game. They just want people BUYING it. Either way they get their money unless you take advantage of EB Games 7 Day Return Policy, then publishers do care.

    And well, oh well! I always take advantage of it. If you make a crap game, i deserve my refund.

    Infamous was an awesome game

    I'd d/l the soundtrackif it was free but my "common sense" is tingling saying that it'll likley cost money

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