Infinity Ward Says Javelin Cheat Fix 'In The Pipeline' For PS3

Modern Warfare 2 update 1.05 has gone out for the PS3, but everyone will have to wait for patch 1.06 to fix the infamous Javelin glitch. Let's hope Sony approves it fast, since they seem reluctant to police the cheaters.

Robert Bowling, the Infinity Ward community manager, tweeted that 1.05 fixed some matchmaking issues. Update 1.06 is "still coming down the pipeline," he says. It'll clean up the Javelin exploit, and also fix areas where players could get stuck in world geometry, such as on the rocks Afghanistan.

My guess is 1.06 will be delivered ASAP but there's no word on when that'll be, specifically.

Robert Bowling on Twitter


    Yeah I installed the new update. I noticed 2 things,
    does anyone else have the same, especially the 1st?:

    1: It seems like I am connecting to more Aussie games now is that correct? Has anyone had the same? I was always in the red, now I have got 3 bars most of the time, and every game I connected to so far had Ausralians on the headset.

    2: That counter in the top right corner which tests the ''good games'' out there is now going past all the ping levels to best suit yours. It goes though each one from 20ms, 30ms, 40ms, etc, etc.
    I have to wait because mine hovers around the 90ms.

      Yeah I noticed both of those things, kind of annoying because most of my English friends now experience extreme lag when i invite them to my session and vice versa. Way to FAIL IW.

    yeah 1.05 fixes the problem for aussies getting crappy connections, im very happy now i can get into a full bar game with ease and not worry about lag anymore :)

    They fixed that for the pc version for quite a while now, connecting/enjoying a game has never been so easy. :D

    Although, still sucks to see such a small staggered community. Feel sorry for the guys starting out and getting pummeled by level 70's. :s

    back to the glitch...

    it absolutely sucks that people are getting bans form MS over using the Javelin glitch. They are not changing the code to use it, they are simply using a feature that wasn't intended by doing something as simple as changing weapon, throwing a grenade and changing back.

    MS are a tad pathetic over the bans. If the "glitch" is there and accessible without breaking any real rules or guidelines, they shouldn't be allowed to ban a user.

    Until a patch is made then they can ban people if they can still access the glitch a different way. Way to go Sony for not giving a crap.

    And before all you whingers go ahead and say "its unfair". Okay it may be annoying but its not UNFAIR. You can easily do the glitch yourself so NO it isnt unfair. Its annoying thats what. And just camp if someone is doing it in your match and use some SKILLS to kill them before they get close.

    Got that off my chest! :-)

      That's a bit rich isn't it? Last time I checked, a glitch wasn't defined by its ease of use. This is quite clearly a serious game exploit that is the result of sloppy coding by Infinity Ward. Try playing in a room where every dick is doing it!!! I welcome the bans (which are only temporary) and will continue to file complaints against javelin glitch losers.

        spot on, stamperiffic. couldnt agree more.

        the javelin glitch is a bitch
        ban em all i say others want good kill streaks too
        not just stalkpullers running around cheatin teamwork&strategy and just good fun dodging the
        enemies one more thing dont really like tactical
        nuke killstreak probably cause i dont get 25 kills
        in amatch see you on mw2 love it

      It is unfair. You have to be I think it was level 50? Or something really high to unlock the Jav to begin with. It's annoying and f****** irritating when you're there to have fun and play the game, and some level 70 f*** decides to run around and explode his s*** all over the place.

      Yeah, start the flaming calling me bad and what ever. It's just boring when everyone's doing it.

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