Isaac Severs More Limbs In Dead Space 2

The Necromorph infection is spreading through space, and only one man can contain it. Issac Clarke returns in Dead Space 2, and this time he's calling the shots.

At least that's what it says in EA's official announcement, which comes hot on the heels of the teaser image that kept fans stumped for all of five minutes over the weekend. It sounds like Isaac will be large and in charge in the sequel, which promises new characters, plenty of zero-G fighting, and more space nightmares than you can shake a plasma cutter at.

"We're thrilled to jump back into the series, making the next chapter in Isaac's journey," added Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of Dead Space 2. "The infection continues to spread throughout space and our hero Isaac Clarke is the only person able to contain it. There are still loads of Necromorphs that need killing. In Dead Space 2, not everything is exactly as it seems. Expect plot twists that will surprise you and a huge cast of twisted, disgusting monsters that are sure to scare the daylights out of you."

And that's all we get. I just want to see how they got Isaac out of the predicament he was in at the end of the first game. I don't want to spoil anything, but that sure was a whole lot of monkeys.


    Great, another annual series to get milked by EA.

    Oh no! Soon to be banned in Australia no doubt.

      I have a feeling that EA will slip a little monetary bonus into the classification review copy. I don't think EA have ever had a game banned.

      Its a conspiracy, I's tell ya!!! Just like fluoride water.

    awesome. dead space 1 is one of my fav games of this generation.

    Personally I was hoping for someone else instead of Isaac Clarke.

    Like see the infection spread thru the universe in the eyes of another protagonist and see them contain it or escape etc.

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