It's A Good Day To Buy Castle Crashers

Microsoft delivers a late Christmas present to Xbox 360 owners, discounting Castle Crashers by more than 50% for one day only.

The Behemoth's Castle Crashers is still one of the best things going on Xbox Live Arcade, and an excellent introduction to the service for folks who found a shiny new Xbox 360 under their Xmas tree this year. It's a bargain at 1200 Microsoft points, but at 560, or $US7, it's simply too good to pass up. If you've yet to partake in the frantic 2D fighting action, now would be a good time.

Purchase Castle Crashers On The Internets [ via Major Nelson's Twitter]


    And tomorrow Battlefield 1943 will be 400 MS points..

    I managed to pick this up today, after playing the demo I wanted it badly. Bit steep at 1200, but for 560... I snapped it up like the last peice of christmas crackling!

    I hope that Trials HD or Peggle gets a price drop. I'm not hopeful on Peggle since it had one a week ago, and I would snap up Trials HD in a heartbeat. Can someone explain to me what type of game Castle Crashers is, since everyone's liked it but I just didn't see the appeal?

      It's a side-scrolling beat-em-up. Honestly, after playing it two or three times through, the fun wears off. I personally wouldn't advise buying it, even at the reduced price.

      Over-hyped, IMHO.

    To me it's just a button mashing adventure type game. I Have NO Idea what the big fuss is about this game...

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