It's A Steal

As seen at a game importer in Australia, where GTA IV was released with some content removed.


    $150?, if I wanted it so bad I’d just get the American edition from eBay for $25 bucks. I’m pretty certain that’s exactly what this importer has done. So I guess he’s wagering one hundred and some dollars that people from Australia have never heard of the internet. I don’t get why you would want to go out of your way for the uncut edition anyway, it’s not as if any missions or real content was cut.

    What a rip off. $149.95 only an idiot would pay that. I'd rather get it from amazon. They've got it for USD $26.99 which translates to about AUD $33. Even with postage you'd still be paying alot less.

      As I understand it, Amazon, are not allowed to ship or sell their gaming goods, including software, to overseas customers.

      On another note, this is the thing with Australians who think that the buyer is as stupid as them for putting something as stupid as this up for sale.

    This reminds me of a store in Melb CBD that sells new release US DVD's at double the cost. It's been there for years so business must be good.

      Yeh Video Collection on Elizabeth Street?
      That place is the biggest joke

        Ah, their range is good. If nothing else, it lets you see what has been released in the States, so you can then go home and order it online :)

    That looks like the PC one though, which was released uncut here I thought? The XBOX 360 one was censored.

    This is ridiculous. I've played our version, and to be frank, I can't see any difference, but then again I haven't played the US version. The physics and gore in GTAIV were perfect for me, and I don't think there needed to be anymore. Then again, each to his own, but if this gets sold it'll most likely to be irresponsible parents letting kids play this.

    Word of advice to anyone possibly considering this: don't. Go down to JB and pick up our edition for 30 bucks.

      There are 2 differences I'm aware of..
      1, After running over an NPC, blood does not show as tyre marks on the road.
      2, When picking up a prostitute the camera angle changes so you cannot see what is happening in the car.
      It's a bit odd that the 360/PS3 versions have this limitation yet PC doesn't. On top of that the DLC has wangs & sex scenes!

    " I’ve played our version, and to be frank, I can’t see any difference, but then again I haven’t played the US version "

    Can someone tell me how he can see a difference then .

      Heeheehee that post made me giggle.

    I work at a game store, and a member of the OFLC came in the other day and said that they were aware of certain stores like this importing unrated illegal versions of the games and are about to "pounce" on them. He said that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft were also interested in the case because apparently (according to the OFLC guy) these stores also manufacture and copy some of these discs in store. Don't expect these places to be hanging around for long!

      I suspect MS/Sony/Nintendo are also interested in it because sales of imported games would be counted in the figures of the US/Japan/wherever they're imported from, rather than the local division, thus reducing their numbers.

      I don't believe it for a second, the authorities don't give a crap about pirated stuff. Hello all the pirate CD/DVD stores in Sydney and Melbourne Chinatowns... all that crap is bootlegged, but I don't see anyone cracking down on that, even though they've been happily displaying clearly pirated material for years. They're too busy sending letters out to torrenters than to actually bother with the people making money off it obviously.

    That's the PS3 version (says it on the box). The US 360 version is region locked so you can't play it on an Aussie Xbox anyway, I should know since I bought it off amazon, don't know if that applies to the PS3 version though.

    As for what was changed Kotaku reported on that a while ago and apparently it was an incident involving a baseball bat and a mans anal passage.

      "As for what was changed Kotaku reported on that a while ago and apparently it was an incident involving a baseball bat and a mans anal passage."
      What planet are you on? The game has been out almost 2 years and that scene never existed in any copy of the game.
      The only differences have already been noted:
      1, After running over an NPC, blood does not show as tyre marks on the road.
      2, When picking up a prostitute the camera angle changes so you cannot see what is happening in the car.
      The game became uncensored on 360 after February 2009 when Lost and The Damned was released, following the PC release 2 months before, which didn't need to be censored.

        Exactly right. I was going to say that Rockstar uncensored via update when The Lost and The Damned came out, which may explain why some people haven't noticed the (minor) changes.

        As for Aussies never having heard of internet - Americans would be right to assume that if they'd seen any Telstra ad. They like to hawk their products as if theirs is the only internet capable of being networked or being useful. As for pricing, the less said the better.

        Back on topic and as for the game - it's sad that people resort to this, but it always happens. Someone will inevitably buy it because it's "uncensored!".

    Maybe it has a gold plated DVD inside?

    The only differences were a little blood removed of the pooling of blood when a body is killed and with prostitutes, you can only see from the cars back bumper view.

    However its suprising because Ive noticed that our versions of GTA Liberty City Stories has all of it.......

    Its definately not worth $150 and you can usually score it on a aussie site like oztion for under $50 or play asia if you dont trust the later.

    I'm fairly certain that this was sold by a 'certain' store within the Haymarket complex in Sydney's Chinatown area. The store in question sells most already available PS3 games but at a hefty price hike. How high? MGS4 = $149.95 (like the above image). Also games like Bioshock are sold for over $120! It is absolutely ludicrous!

      really? mgs4?! yeah sure its a damn good game. but, not $150 good!
      i dont normally steal things but, i think id have to make an exception for a store like this. just to make a point. then give em to some kid.

      Ahhh yes. This has to be that store above Haymarket in Sydney. Even though they sell a lot of imported stuff, it really isn't worth buying from there. God of War Collection for $129? I don't think so! I wonder if they will sell that MW2: Prestige Edition with the $499 price tag anytime soon though ;)

        Yeah tahts definitey the shop in haymarket :P I remember going there back in its hay day when resident evil 2 had just came out. It was in Japanese and had a lounge in the middle of the shop and heaps of people standing there watchign this dude play a japanese game.

        As soon as i saw the pricetag i new exactly what shop it was lol

        I am suprised nobody has mentioned the hentai and faded pokemon cards they have been trying to sell for years now???

    In case you guys are not aware, the DLC (Gay Tony and TLAD) adds the cut content back into the Australian product

    Apparently it was a mistake but then again the retail disc of Episodes has it as well....

    I remember reading somewhere that after installing the first expansion (the bikie one) it turns GTA:IV into the uncensored version. Something to do with the fact that Rockstar submitted a censored and uncensored for classification and the uncensored one got approved but the censored version was already in production.

    Oh yeah, heres the link:

    It's in the comments section.

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