It's Not Too Late For An 8-Bit Christmas

Christmas 2009 may have come and gone, but you've still got two days two days to order the perfect gift for the retro gamer in your life - RetroZone's 8 Bit Xmas 2009.

8 Bit Xmas 2 is a new NES cartridge from RetroZone crafted specifically for the holiday season. Built using completely new parts, the cartridge is festooned with blinking lights that should brighten up any original NES you slide it inside of. The cart is loaded with Snowball Fight!!!, an original game in which up to four players fire multi-coloured snowballs at each other from the sides of the screen.

While the unique cartridge makes it well worth the $US43 price tag, an additional $US5 scores you a personalised splash screen message for the game, with a matching Christmas card.

Its late, but retro gamers have a distorted sense of time and space anyway, so it should still be fresh. Just be sure to order before December 31, or you won't be able to order at all.

RetroZone's 8 Bit Christmas 2009 [RetroZone via GameSetWatch]


    Screw that, if you want to get a good present for a real NES lover, get them the NES cartridge USB adapter thing, someone had the brilliant idea of adding a USB port to the top of a NES cartridge and load it with every NES rom that has ever been made.

    Oh this does look frivelously brilliant... Also one of those USB to SNES cartrige adapters would be cool, if only they were mass produced.

    A dude did it as a project:

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