It’s White Knight Chronicles, Only This Time In English

It’s White Knight Chronicles, Only This Time In English

Level 5’s White Knight Chronicles, a previously Japan-only title, is to be released in the US early next year. Want to see what it looks like in English?


  • Looks interesting.
    The combat system looks complicated and a little confusing but i suppose its something to get used to.

    Agreed about the narrator, he sounds too much like a movie preview narrator and if he is in the game it will be exceedingly annoying and might be something that will deter me from getting it.

    Also that crazy walking city thing at the start was awesome!

  • Agreed on the narrator! Sounds like he’s advertising “the funniest movie of the summer, from the producers of ‘Not Another Teen Movie'”.

    Looks good, although the combat looks a bit too traditional for my liking. I’ll probably still get it, but I’m too used to hybrid systems like Dragon Age, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean or even Mass Effect. Good to see it finally in English though!

  • Haha infomercial guy. But wait there’s more…

    I’ve been waiting for this though, too complicated to play in Japanese for my puny brain. Yay something else to look forward too.

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