Japanese Arcade Themed Like China's Back Streets

According to reader Landon, a game centre in Kawasaki, Japan is themed like "the backstreets of China".

Tokyo-based Landon says this is the first time he's been this blown away by an arcade in Japan. "It's 18 years old and up, extremely dark and dirty, and basically looks like what an arcade would if it were in Silent Hill," Landon explains. Dubbed Anata no Warehouse (Your Warehouse), the arcade features eight story of dark, dank gaming.

"They also cater to gamers sooooo well for an eight story arcade," Landon adds. For example, the very spacious arcade not only provides good air conditioning, but also towels for the DDR players. Clean towels, hopefully!


    That is such a wonderful idea and from the photos - beautifully executed.

    That first photo is so surreal. Love the contrast between the old and rusty, and the shiny and new. Almost Bladerunnerish.

    Design genius! It looks like a post-apocalyptic game centre, complete with ye olde rusty vending machine and everything. I sense lots of photo op in the area...

    Counting down the minutes until the Japanese flag burning commences in the streets of China. Being filmed using Sony cameras, of course.

      Backstreets of China, 1970 maybe. But man that place looks incredible all the same O.O.

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