Japanese Stores Rev Up For Final Fantasy XIII


    Anyone care to guess estimations on sales for the PS3 that week?

    And first week sales on Final Fantasy XIII?

    Sureply pre-orders are through the roof. Wouldn't surprise me if they match that of MW2. Everyone in Japan would nearly have this pre-ordered.

    It probably won't sell as much as MW2 as heaps of people who didn't pre-order, bought it first day and week. But with the Japs, they are that serious they pre-order a year in advance and buy first day with everything. CDs, DVDs, Games...

    Damn the Japanese box art looks 100x better than the one were getting here in Aus/Europe... but w/e, itll have its face slotted somewhere in the cupboard while i toil hours on end trying to get the main character to get to level 50.

    Here's to me not looking at any FF news until March...

    Looking at all of square enix's releases... since the big dude left to mystwalker, I cant help but think it will be overhyped.

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