Javelin Cheats? Sony Don't Give A Hoot

While Microsoft will take swift, stern action against anyone caught using the javelin "exploit" in Modern Warfare 2, Sony apparently couldn't care less.

A Sony rep has told CVG "I don't believe we are banning people for using the glitch". If they're not banning people outright, makes you wonder what they are doing. Simply watching? Placing marks next to people's names? Tutting endlessly?

Sony NOT banning for MW2 Javelin glitch [CVG]


    on pc MW2 I have only experienced it once on the "wasteland" map ... and I'm level 62! .. doesn't seem to be that much of a problem

    so they shouldnt.
    1. ms and iw are in bed with each other and couldnt give a shit about sony or its users. so why should sony care about iw's screw up?

    2. as i just said, its a glitch that iw left in the game. its not like the iso or save data has been modified to cheat.

    3. there is no real gain for anyone using the cheat anyway. the user gets killed aswell.

    exploits are the developers faults. Cheats i can understand, but if you release a glitchy game, don't complain when gamers find out little tricks like this

    Or just sitting and laughing at how funny it is!
    i have MW2 on PC, they should vote-kick me, oh wait its disabled.

    maybe there not watching at all i mean im 90% sure VAC doesnt pic up javelin guys on the PC

    the delayed banning is shit tho, i have to put up with the hackers for like a month till it becomes time to kick everyone day and then 2 days later there back PB was way better if you had an admin that actually made it work properly

    The glitch is in the game and will be played till the developer fixes it. Banning players is just stupid.

    probably just wait for a patch. they'll be right

    Xbox Live wins again.

    Maybe if all the gaming blogs didn't give it so much coverage, less people would know about and look up how to do it. this glitch, akimbo model 1887 and riot shields have ruined the entire game for me. not going to play again for a long while

    Total, complete bull.....

    Okay, XBL is noble for taking that extra step to take care of paying customers. I applaud that, but it doesn't mean this is Sony fault, or that "Sony couldn't care less". That's slander.

    As people have already pointed out, this is IW's problem and therefore, it is their responsibility.

    How about you keep it Fanboy-free, Mr. Plunkett?

    maybe it drives people back to kz2 which they have more than a vested interest in being an exclusive game, and better

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