Javelin Fix For 360 Modern Warfare 2 On The Way

While Infinity Ward work to get a patch onto the PS3 to combat the "javelin exploit", 360 owners should know the developer is doing likewise for Microsoft's console.

IW's Robert Bowling says that the 1.06 upgrade, which fixes not only the javelin glitch but also the care package glitch as well, is currently in Microsoft's hands, awaiting final certification.

So it shouldn't be too far away!

[fourzerotwo @ Twitter]


    people still play this tripe?

      Guess you didn't like it?

      The javelin glitch can be a bit annoying, but to be honest dying in any manner is annoying. I'm still not sure why you would use the glitch, as far as I can tell it doesn't exactly rack up a high score...

        you're joking right? I saw 3 guys doing this glitch once, the lowest score count for one of them was 30-17

    This is what we 360 owners need clarification.

    The PS3 got patches 1.05 and 1.06.
    1.05 fixed the matchmaking (with feedback on the forums its all good now) and the 1.06 patch fixed the Javelin exploit.

    Fourzerotwo on his Twitter account said the 1.06 patch was in Microsofts hands awaiting certification. . . and that was a couple of days ago.
    However, he made no mention or clarification if that also included the 1.05 patch to fix matchmaking.

    Im not holding my breath.
    I had to stop playing MW2 a couple of weeks ago. Just got too frustrated with the shit connections.
    I tried for a few hours last Friday, but its just crap! Too frustrating.

      LOL, consoles are just for PC Entertainment (^^)

      Yep matchmaking is still broken on 360

    I think they did release a patch, but they failed to check whether the exploit could be used on other launchers; it can.

    That's just laziness right there.

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