John Woo Is Interested In Making Another Video Game

The director of action classics like The Killer and Face/Off, John Woo also dipped his big toe into video games with John Woo's Stranglehold, a Midway title that was a sequel to his flick Hardboiled.

The film reunited the director with his star Chow Yun-Fat. There are plans to turn it into a feature film — Woo won't be directing. But will he be involved in making another game?

"I don't have that much time," the filmmaker told website Cinematical, "even though I want to make one again."

Woo currently has a handful of projects in development in both China and Hollywood. He's a busy guy.

Interview: John Woo [Cinematical]


    I really enjoyed Stranglehold, so I hope he has the time to get behind another game project. :)

    Please have Cantonese voice, it ridiculous that you can have a chow yan-fat shooter with no Chinese.

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