Judge Rejects Bethesda Motion To Stop Sale Of PC Fallout Bundle

A federal judge has shot down a motion by Bethesda Softworks to stop Interplay from selling three PC Fallout titles it published. The decision also means Interplay's work on the Fallout MMO continues, though the lawsuit against them still lives.

Here's the score: Bethesda sued Interplay, claiming the Fallout Trilogy bundle it was selling and marketing through digital distribution services was "confusingly similar" to Bethesda's Fallout 3 products going out this year. Bethesda also wants to terminate Interplay's contract to develop the Fallout MMO, a deal signed when Bethesda bought the rights in 2007 - for $US5.75 million - from Interplay, the series' original publisher.

But U.S. District Court Judge Deborah K. Chasanow rejected Bethesda's request for an injunction, without giving any reasons, in a ruling first found by Fallout fan Web site Duck and Cover, and reported today by Gamasutra. Court Denies Bethesda's Motion To Block Interplay Fallout Activity [Gamasutra]


    the fallout mmo will be incredible

    THANKGOD! Bethesha can go crawl under a rock now.

    Thankyou, goodbye!

      uhh... *Bethesda

        And would you like them to make more critically and commercially sucessful additions to the fallout franchise while under that rock?

          Lets be honest though, were all only playing them until Interplay releases the Fallout MMO.

            EXACTLY. while i enjoyed fallout 3, it bore absolutely no resemblance to a fallout game. It was oblivion with a well produced mad max mod over the top.

    Love Fallout 1 and 2, even Tactics. Can not stand the boring to death pile of bugs that goes by the name Fallout 3, nor any Bethesha Software attempt in gaming entertainment. What has Fallout 3 to show better than Borderlands anyway? In sort, suck it Bethesha.

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