Judge Super Street Fighter IV's Real-Life Juri

When I first saw Super Street Fighter IV's new character Juri, my first thought was that the costume she wears is extremely impractical. Capcom's official real-life Juri confirms that thought.

Capcom USA posted this video yesterday, featuring a live-action model wearing a close approximation of Juri's outfit during a 2010 lineup reveal earlier this year. Hopefully this poor model's awkward stint on stage will dissuade any amateur cosplayers with less appropriate body shapes from trying this one at home. Then again, a less professional cosplayer would have been much better at posing for the cameras. and likely cheaper.

Official Super SFIV Juri Cosplay [Capcom Unity]


    Ick. Cosplay. Nobody ever gets cosplay right in my opinion except the ACTUAL characters, who unfortunately only exist inside computers.

      I don't mind cosplay but its true almost no-one gets it right. A lot of the time its because they use bad materials or the materials on the game costumes don't actually exist in real life. Other times its because they don't weather their costumes.

      This one just looks plain creepy aswell, which when i look at Juri doesn't surprise me.

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