Just Cause 2: An Island In Chaos

The chaos Rico Rodriguez causes on the fictional island of Panau is showcased in this trailer for Just Cause 2, with an ending that leaves me completely sold on the game.

I only played the original Just Cause very briefly during a busier stint in my game playing schedule, Did I miss action like this, or is using the statue of the island's president as a wrecking ball something completely new to the series? Either way, I'm in.


    looks fun, story looks week

      Grrr, if you're playing this game for the story, you've missed the point... and that's exactly what I love about this game, it's unashamed... it's all about the retarded over the top unrealistic gameplay, lol... They put fun before story, and that's how games should be. The hell with realism, some of us just want to blow shit up xD

    With a game like this, the story is an excuse for the game mechanics, and I for one don't mind.

    It looks a hell of lot more fun than Crackdown and GTA4, and reminds me a of Prototype... and I really enjoyed Prototype despite the reviews it got.

    Exactly, there are just some games that SHOULDN'T and some that need a storyline. I wouldn't say this SHOULDN'T have a stroeyline, but definitely doesn't need one.

    Personally, i dont even think games like GTA 4 or RPGs need storylines. How many people even followed the story of Oblivion or Fallout 3. Most are too busy doing side mission or in Just Cause, wrecking havoc and just having fun.

    GTA though does have a great story in all its games. Vice City was the most appealing to me followed by San Andreas and then GTA IV. However, its still a game that doesn't necessarily NEED a story to draw people in. This is where GTA IV i believe failed for me. It had too much of a story that it got wrapped up in its realistic tone, it forgot about the fun the series was known for.

    Just Cause 2 i believe will deliver the most fun since Borderlands for me. Again, a game that attempted a storyline but in the end, just shouldn't have had one with it's shocking (and embarrassing) ending.

    Commando(the Arnie film) + team america + awesome = Just Cause 2

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