Just Cause 2 Car Chases: "The Laws Of Physics On Drugs"

Again, the biggest selling point for Just Cause 2 is that it just does not give a damn. Motorcycle jump to a parachute landing? No biggie. Lasso a humvee to a cenotaph? All in a day's work.

About the only time where Just Cause 2's vehicle physics work against you is when it has the chance to create an even BETTER awesome car crash, such as street vehicles going off road, or anything trying to get a grip on icy surfaces. God, I lose it when that sportscar goes off the sand dune. Just lose it.

The thing is, I want this game to take itself seriously while all this crap is happening. Oh, sure, this would be hilarious if it was all set to a Dukes of Hazzard banjo accompaniment. But, like giggling in study hall, it's even funnier when you beach a cigarette boat, parachute onto the dock and karate kick a bad guy and try to keep a straight face throughout.

Vehicular Stunts Developer Diary [GameTrailers]


    3 things:

    1. I am so very happy that the trees fall over and do not bring your vehicle to face melting stops.

    2. will there be pushbikes?

    3. when is this out and do you think it will be good? I got the first one on xbox original but apparently it isnt backwards compatible (what the hell microsoft? are you tarded?) so i dont know if it is gonna be any good

      I am p-retty sure the original was on 360 so it wouldn't need to be backwards compatible.

        Do you want a photo of it?
        Obvious troll is obvious

          It came out on both xbox and xbox 360, so why would they make a backwards-compatibility update when you can get the 360 version for $10??

          Obvious moron is obvious(ly moronic).

            your mum is a moron

    call me a child... but DAMN that looks F-U-N

    holy freakin' crap, i don't think i'd ever complete the campaign, i'd say i'd be too distracted by the stupidly fun stunts and things going boom :D

    What is this series and why haven't I bought it yet. That looks like freaking awesome

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