Just Cause 2 Trailer — F*** Yeah!

I'm sorry - did the dictator of this southeast Asian island in Just Cause 2 just refer to himself as "Your beroved president?" Is Hans Blix gonna guest star in puppet form?

Just when I think Just Cause 2 is going to take itself so uber-seriously it will be off-the-wall explosions and hilarity, I get the feeling we might be seeing Team America homages. Which would have its moments, but not be nearly as funny as bombs, fireballs and car chases with the smirking, self-unaware bravado of a bona fide action piece.

Plus this dictator - Baby Panay (I guess recalling Baby Doc Duvalier of Haiti) - doesn't even look like an Asian despot. He looks like an obese Robert Goulet, if he had a pet iguana on his shoulder. He's got your typical despot ambitions, too, vowing to "controah the hohr wohr," apparently thanks to that mini-Epcot looking thingy. Which of course Rico Rodriguez immediately parachutes in to broh up.


    Im excited for this
    Looks like a great summer afternoon beer game

    Agreed. There's tons of games coming out January - March it's going to be a good first quarter for gamers indeed.

    that ending was hilarious.

    They've kept it so similar yet so new. Its looks like this is gonna be an awesome game.

    March?! THAT'S AGES AWAY!

    looks so cool. I love the super cheesy president, like a B-Grade 60's super spy movie villain.

    this is on my must have list.

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