Just How Good Is Ice-T At Modern Warfare 2?

When rapper Ice-T plays Call of Duty multiplayer, he's rollin', comin' through buildings, you gonna die. Oh really?

Sure as snot seems that way! Ice-T (gamertag "Lord 187X") posted an image of the after action report for a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multi-player round. The report details the player's score and Accolades — awards for completing a session with a specific set of requirements.

Ice-T's top three Accolades for the session:

The Show 10 kills/No deaths

Supernatural Kill/Death ratio over 10

Immortal Highest kill/death ratio

None of which are easy Accolades in the slightest. Yep, you gonna die!

Ice T Demonstrates His 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' Gaming Skills In Today's Daily TwitPic [MTV Movies Blog]


    sure as snot... i c wut u did dere.

    I like being tricked like that A+ article.

    dayam.. i swear i was playing him a few days ago in afhgan, he got me twice in a row, i recognise the invisible title and the freakish ear necklace.

    It helps that his real life bodyguards go in game with him "for his safety and protection", or else he's a camper, of course.

    Nah, just kidding, good effort - please don't find and kill me, Mr T. (Of course, you're not really Mr T, but I pity the fool that borrows his name...)

    Snap, Ice-T is pretty good if this is real. I'm surprised he hasn't prestiged, but maybe's he's too hardcore for prestige. I reckon he must've been sniping or camping or something, but this is pretty damn good. I reckon it also lets us relate with celebrities, to show that they have the same skills as us and at the end of the day they are normal folks who can relax and game as well.

      Pretty funny considering in that video where he gets his CoD shit talk on, he was hating on pussys who "won't hit the prestige button".

        You have to fill the XP bar once you hit level 70 then you can prestige.

    I've got the feeling that Ice T is going to be inundated with friend requests now everyone knows his gamertag.

      It's full remember

    If he's this good at shooting people in a game, I have no idea how good he'd be shooting people in real life. Either way, don't want to meet him in a dark alley.

    i bet he just boosted in a cage match with a friend for the publicity and to show he was pro at it

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