Kick Off 2010 With A Brand New NES Game

Champagne, pointy hats and Auld Lang Syne are for suckers. You want to kick off the new year in style, you do it by buying a brand new game for the NES.

This is Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, by Sivak Games. It's a real, proper game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It even comes on a cartridge.

Fans of home-made games for decades-old systems that look brutally tough willl be able to get it early next year from RetroZone.

'Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril' could be the latest NES hit [Joystiq]


    Its a fun little novelty to make games for the old systems, I think the guys from homestar runner were planning on making a game for the NES before their deal with Nintendo was solid. But it’s too much of a pain in the ass to buy a NES cartridge and have to set up my old NES to play it. Besides should we really be paying more than $5 for a NES game these days?. I can knock out a platformer on XNA and photoshop in a weekend.

      Yeah but that's not the point. I could google Da Vinci and scope out some art but that wouldn't be the same as cruising over to Paris and scoping out the Louvre.

        No, actually it’s not, the only reason people buy NES games anymore is because of nostalgia or they think these cartridges will be worth something in the future, Games like this are a dime a dozen on flash sites. It’s not really fair to compare this game to the old school NES classics.

    Battle Kid.

    You dont get totally awesome game names anymore.

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