Konami Gives Fans An Early Christmas Present

Though the PSP game isn't due out in North America until May, Konami delivers an early taste of the 1970s' Naked Snake action with a demo of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, available later today on the PlayStation Network.

It's an early Christmas present for MGS fans from Konami! Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker: Demo-Ops is hitting the PlayStation Store later today, giving fans a taste of four different mission types with content previously playable at the Tokyo Game Show and "more". Ooo, more. I like more. I don't know what "more" entails, but I know what I like.

The free demo will be available later today on PSN, with several other gaming sites hosting it as well, in case you are allergic to the PlayStation Store or something. The full game drops on May 25, so hopefully they've got enough gameplay in there to keep fans satiated for another five months.



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