Korea Also Gets That Custom FFXIII PlayStation 3 Console

The cherry blossom of the hardware world, the "Lightning Edition" of the PlayStation 3, is out today in Japan. Know where else it's being released? Korea.

It'll be the exact same deal as the Japanese edition - custom console, controller, copy of Final Fantasy XIII - only, for Koreans. It'll be out on January 29, 2010, and will retail for 540,000 Won, which works out to be around USD$460.

While being released in Korea isn't the surest sign the pack will make it to the West - after all, the Korean market gets a lot of Japanese hand-me-downs - you can probably take the news and forge a small crucible of hope from it.


    fingers crossed for aussie edition, ill get 1 for sure!

    Just give up, it will be easier on you in the long run.

    They won't release it outside of Asia. They've never released a Square Enix bundle outside of Asia except for CC:FFIV, which was released in PAL terrories.

    Australia will never get it.
    Sony don't bother converting insides of things
    from NTSC to PAL

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