Kotaku Sydney Meet-Up Tonight

As you may or may not have realised by now, I'm on vacation this month in Australia. But I couldn't let the trip pass by without trying to chat with folks I rarely get to see.

We won't be having an open bar or anything fancy, but if you're in the neighbourhood of Central Station in Sydney Friday night and want to stop by, I'd love to talk.

Luke Plunkett and Kotaku Australia's David Wildgoose will both be hanging out as well, drinking good beer at Luke's old watering hole.

The meet up will be at 4:30 p.m. at the Royal Exhibition Hotel's Beer Garden, which may or may not be packed to the gills with squares come Friday night. Look for the guys talking about video games if you come.

Looking forward to seeing you.


    I'd suggest you all cosplay as Pricess Peach, so as you can find each other :) Mmmm David in drag, me likey.
    I'd come, but on account of being the wrong city, I'll have to pass. Have fun guys!

    How long will you guys be there for?
    till the beer stops flowing? until you get kicked out? till the hot water bottles go cold? how will we know its you?

    Well I have my work Christmas party tonight and I was debating whether or not to go. I guess my mind has been made up. See you guys there!

    (incidentally, was thinking it was about time we had a Kotaku AU meetup drinks only yesterday - weirdness).

    Hey, that's cool. Enjoy the delightful summer afternoon/evening I'm sure it will be.

    Squares? lol...'suits' mebe. That area, more likely bums. ;-)

    Yach, when are you guys coming down to Melbourne? A bit lonely down here :(

      Need a hug? I feel cold too.

    dont come to melbourne, im there.

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