Kotaku's Look At 2010 Starts Now*

Whoever said that gamers are always looking to the future might as well be guest-editing Kotaku this week, because we are ignoring the final two weeks of 2009 to begin our look at... 2010.

It's not that we don't like 2009. It was a fine year of gaming, one that we'll get around to reviewing and ranking soon enough (probably when we're done impatiently looking ahead to next year).

But at the halfway point of December, 2009 just doesn't have the magic anymore. It's an old man of a year and we can't help but be distracted by the enthusiasm of that young cherub of 2010. We know some wonderful things to be true already about the coming year:

- 2010 will include a lot of games we thought we'd play in 2009 (Blur! Bayonetta! Singularity! Gran Turismo 5?) - 2010 will include a January-March choked with promising games (Mass Effect 2! BioShock 2! Splinter Cell Conviction!) - 2010 is already being experienced favourably by people in Japan (See again Bayonetta and this week's - for them - Final Fantasy XIII) - 2010 will include more Halo, more Metroid, more Mario, more God of War, more Madden (educated guess), more Star Wars The Force Unleashed and even more Shantae - 2010 will be the most motion-controlled year of gaming yet

With information like that, you can surely understand why we at Kotaku believe that 2010 has a shot at being better than 2009.

But we could be wrong.

To test our theories and to provide you a look at the possible future, we will be publishing posts all week that detail the concrete plans for games coming to each of the major platforms. In addition we'll be previewing a handful of upcoming games that demonstrate the diversity of the 2010 line-up. And we'll be opening things up to you in a series of posts that explore the imaginative possibilities of gaming in 2010.

For all our 2010-week posts, look for the tag 2010 preview. We're expecting a fantastic gaming year to come, and we're ready to start talking about it... now.

*Technically, Kotaku's look at 2010 started yesterday with our preview of Heavy Rain and R.U.S.E., but really, 2010 is such a futuristic year that a bit of out-of-order time manipulation seems OK by us.


    Max Payne 3 anyone? Or are we expecting further delays until 2020?

      Considering they have moved the location, shaved his head and made him look like a wanna-be Sam Fisher, it can be delayed indefinitely for all i care.

      NO ONE should attempt a Splinter Cell unless it is Splinter Cell. Max Payne has failed hard.

      I'm all for new things, but what they're doing is trash. It makes the movie look awesome. That could be a reason they are changing its look - but no thankyou.

    Christ I hope they don't have glut months again like they did this year. I'm still trying to catch up to November!

    Battlefield:Bad Company 2!!

    I reallly think [hope] this game is going to be huge on MP front.

      I think it will be. Its the only REAL Battlefield PC game in a while. Even if its in a spin off sort of series. Im pre ordering my limited edition on pc right now.

    No Starcraft 2 mentioned? Calling it as game of 2010 already

    Assassin's Creed II for PC
    (HI! We're still alive down here! Remember us?!)

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