Left 4 Dead 2, DS Games Go Cheap At Amazon

Looking to do a little zombie killing on the cheap? Amazon might have what you're looking for, frugal gamer, offering Left 4 Dead 2 at deeper discount than one would expect of a game selling pretty darn well.

Amazon.com's Deal of the Day puts L4D2 at just $29.99 USD for the PC version, $39.99 USD for the Xbox 360 version, which may help you get over any qualms about the game being Left 4 Dead 1.5 or a glorified expansion pack and help offset whatever price Valve may put on the recently announced "The Passing" downloadable content.

Of course, if exploding zombie corpses aren't your thing—and portable role-playing games are—there are a few other Amazon.com deals you may want to pounce on.

Catch up on your Nintendo DS backlog with The World Ends With You or Final Fantasy IV, each less than ten bucks today. Or, if you want something fresher, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days can also be had for less than previously asked.


    $41AU for shipping of TWEWY. They always jib you on the postage and handling.

    Um excuse me but it says shipping to US only. Thanks for nothing, had me excited for un-censored cheap L4D2 finally. WHAT A LET DOWN!


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