Left 4 Dead 2's Midnight Riders Wish You Warm Christmas Beatings

They may not be getting a starring role in Left 4 Dead 2 downloadable content as we'd hoped, but the self-proclaimed Greatest Southern Rock Supergroup of All Time is providing more musical back up than we were expecting.

The Midnight Riders—or their management, we presume, since the band has been missing in action since October—have released their holiday single "All I Want For Christmas (Is To Kick Your arse)" online, giving Left 4 Dead 2/southern rock superfans a new Christmas anthem to break pool cues and beer bottles to.

The fiction, explaining how the Midnight Riders would even conceive of writing a Christmas tune, can be enjoyed at the band's YouTube page.

All I Want For Christmas (Is To Kick Your arse) [YouTube - thanks, Chad & Jeremy!]


    Has it been confirmed that their won't be any Midnight Riders DLC?

    Also, thanks for the link. The song is great!

      Only that they aren't in the first lot of DLC. After The Passing, who knows? We can only hope!

    At first I thought they were ZZ Top lol.

      Classic Rock Sound: Check
      Beards: Check
      Lack of Chord Changes: Check
      Guitar Solo: Check
      Cool factor: Check

      I love ZZ Top - musically they're pretty rubbish, but they're so damn cool. Who doesn't like ZZ Top?!?

    I’m sorry but someone has decided that this song is too high impact for me to enjoy

    Damn, there goes the value of my original collector's single now that it's been posted on YouTube.

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