Leonard Nimoy To Appear In Star Trek Online

Just like the recent Star Trek movie had two Spocks in it, so too will the upcoming Star Trek MMO, with Zachary Quinto (new Spock) to be joined by Leonard Nimoy (old Spock).

While Nimoy won't be starring in the game per se, he will be lending his voice to the intro, as well as "key scenes and events in-game".

This of course won't be the first game he's appeared in. Anyone who has played Civilization IV will, like me, have gone weaker at the knees for his description of pottery than at any previous juncture in the series.

Star Trek Online Casting News [IGN]


    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Star Trek just isn't Star Trek if you don't have Mr. Spock.

    Leonard Nimoy has done so much voice-over work i've pretty much associated his voice with obscure documentaries and voice-overs like i have David Attinbourgh with nature documentaries.

    His voice will definately only improve this game, hopefully he'll be around for longer than Patrick Stewart was in Oblivion

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