Let The Final Fantasy XIII Upskirts Start!

It's like clockwork. Anytime a big game is released — no, anytime a game is released in Japan, some people decide to look up the female characters' skirts. Final Fantasy XIII is no exception.

The focus here is largely pigtailed character Oerba Dia Vanille and her underoos. This close-ups have reveal more than in-game character panty preferences — check out those textures and polygons.

FF13にはちゃんとパンチラあります 安心してご購入ください [はちま起稿]


    Umm, right. Real classy.

    That is not classy at all man, them underskirts are low poly.

    Character models are actually pretty crappy for a game that took years to make and was designed for the PS3.

    it's square enix - they like cutting corners. they'll make the face look pretty, and the body look shitastic - but do a good job of hiding it haha

      I dont know how thats really cutting corners, i mean, the more detail they put into specific areas (re: above images) the more trouble they're likely to get in.

      Imagine the militant American Christian groups getting hold of a highly detailed up-skirt crotch.

      "These 50 pixels representing the impression of a woman's vagina has SCARRED my son and forced him to shoot up his local school. All games ever should be banned!"



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