Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade Potentially Snubs France

Paradox Interactive has a new real-time strategy game in the pipes set during the Third Crusade called Lionheart: Kings' Crusade. Kings' as in the possessive of more than one king. So I ask: Why does Richard I get top billing?

Seriously, history buffs, are you going to let this go? The freaking Holy Roman Emperor drowned on his way to this particular Crusade and Richard the Lionheart's boyfriend — Phillip II of France — broke up with him over it. I think they deserve a spot on the game's title, too. Or you could just call it Kings' Crusade: Third Time's The Charm and add a question mark for intrigue.

Anyway, the game is in early days with a hazy 2010 release date set. Players can enjoy one of two single-player campaigns either on the side of the Crusaders or the Saracens in full 3D maps that may or may not be historically accurate. You can also "rewrite history" by playing campaigns with characters straight out of history — though developer Neocore Games has yet to say which historical characters will be playable.

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    History buff here, and if you're really one as well you'd know exactly why Richard is singled-out here. Yes, the Third Crusade was waged by a number of European nobles, but as you rightly point out, the others quickly dropped out of the picture due to a variety of reasons. History would go on to mark the entire endeavour with the legendary rivalry between Richard I and Saladin.

    As for offending the French, Richard himself was essentially French in all but dominion. He spoke it, as his epithet "Cœur de Lion" resoundingly proves.

    Finally, Neocore's last game was called King Arthur, despite the fact that it featured Merlin, Lancelot, Mordred, and any number of the legendary figures from his myth cycle. I don't remember you complaining about that.

    Yes, this is an incredibly pedantic response, but that's exactly what you asked for...

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