LittleBigPlanet's Pirates Of The Caribbean Level Pack Priced, Dated

Media Molecule has announced final details of its downloadable Pirates of the Caribbean level pack for PlayStation 3 hit LittleBigPlanet, answering almost every question about the game's new water, pricing, trophies, content and so much more.

The new waterlogged Pirates of the Caribbean level pack will hit PlayStation 3s on December 22, priced at £4.79 or €5.99 or $US5.99 or $AU9.95 or $NZ11.50, depending on what you've got in your wallet. And the pack comes with... deep breath... five new levels, one new costume, four new music tracks, one new level background, eight materials, 14 decorations, 27 objects, 133 stickers and 11 new PlayStation Trophies.

That's 204 things! Less than $US0.03 per thing!

There's a trailer down below, with a handy link to the official LittleBigPlanet web site that should answer most of your questions about how the addition of water affects your Sackboy. There are also new screenshots, artwork and a general feeling of warmth. Soak it in!

Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit []


    Looks great, can't wait for this!

    Teh awesome!

    Is that 22 December worldwide?

    Australia usually get's its PSN updates Friday mornings... which will be Christmas day... The following Friday is New Years Day... Does this mean Australia won't get this until 08 January?

    Interesting. I read the help on water. Looks like it's just one global water level, but the level can be changed.

    Water can also be wavy, murky, and different coloured. There's also a bubble machine, if you want to create one of those "race to get to the next bubble" type games.

    Sounds like fun. Can't wait to try it out.

    $5.99 US = $9.99 AUD now?
    Hmm, where have i been living...oh wait the 21st century. Its annoying this happens to us every time

      I call it the Australia tax!

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