Look At These Otaku Rooms!

Yes, yes, look.

Before I left Japan, the folks at Kotobukiya were kind enough to send me a copy of OTACOOL, a book project spearheaded by Danny Choo of dannychoo.com. The idea for the book is fantastic and works on the same principal as our desk feature - people's personal spaces shed telling light into their lives.

Countries represented include places like Japan, France, the UK, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Spain, China, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Israel and the US.

The rooms run the gamut of anime and manga otakudom. (Hopefully future editions will expand to other types of otaku! Such as train, airsoft gun, video game, etc.) Still, it is interesting. The pictures were all submitted by users and do vary in quality - something that actually gives the book charm and a hint of realism instead of a slick, commercial feel.

Text is in both English and Japanese, making it good for those interested in practising either language. And the book has been tearing up the sales charts in Japan. You can learn more about OTACOOL in the link below. Hooray!

OTACOOL [Official Site]


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