Lost Planet 2: Introducing Akrid X

Episode 2 of Lost Planet 2 pits you against the massive Akrid X, who may or may not secretly be the brother of Speed Akrid.

Okay, he's probably not related to Speed Akrid, if such an akrid even exists, but he does throw fireballs, breathes fire, and hurls train cars at you, all of which sound particularly painful. Luckily for you and your akrid-hunting friends, the town you take on Akrid X in is filled with weapons and giant robot walkers, so you should be okay as long as you don't die horribly.

Check out the full boss profile for Akrid X by following the magical link below.

Lost Planet 2 Boss Profile: Akrid X [Capcom Unity]


    Are they all going to be slimy lava monsters?

    Slimy forest monsters, slimy swamp monsters and regular slime.

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