Lost Planet 2's Episode 1 Boss Has A Name, You Know

That's not just some random giant akrid you've been battling in the Lost Planet 2 demo for the PS3 and Xbox 360. That's Gordiant, and it's a pleasure to put a name to the digestive tract.

We can finally stop calling the Episode 1 boss for Lost Planet that giant monster thing or "Sir Om Nom Nom," ask Capcom gives him the official designation of Gordiant, or Gordy for short. They've posted some tactics for taking out Gordy at the official Capcom blog, along with some brand new screens which I've taken the liberty of reproducing here in vivid Kotakuvision.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Gordy.

Lost Planet 2 Boss Profile: Gordiant (The Salamander Gets a Name!) [Capcom Unity]


    Sir Om Nom Nom is better!

    Mr Yum Yums.
    In before Sakura Park

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