LunchTimeWaster: Alone In The Park

company of myself picBraid's fifth world, known as Time and Decision, introduced a mechanic in which rewinding time created a shadow version of yourself that repeated the actions you had just done. The Company of Myself is a bit like that.

The puzzles here, as they were in that Braid world, are based around performing multiple actions simultaneously. Where it differs from Braid is that here you can create many, many shadows selves, not just the one. You can see three shadow selves in the pic there.

I won't give away much more than that. The pleasure is in discovering it all for yourself. Enjoy.

The Company of Myself [Kongregate]


    Very good little flash game and a nice variation on the Braid theme.

    However it is a shame it is so determined to ape the style of Braid with the ambiguous narative, similar watercolour scheme, the music and so on.

    There is some original gameplay here, shame it is hidden by such derivative clothing.

    Still... free is hard to complain with. :)

    Nice one, though I would have like them to have worked the "shadows" of himself into the story.

    Was able to get through this in my lunch break, great little flash game.

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