LunchTimeWaster: Enjoy Some Ennui

What better way to pass the time at your dull desk job today than to play a game about a guy who works in a dull desk job.

The developers of Every Day The Same Dream describe it as "a short existential game about alienation and refusal of labour. Or, if you prefer, a playable music video." It was made for the Experimental Gameplay Project under the theme Art Game - and it shows. This is a game designed solely to get you thinking and reflecting. Perhaps it doesn't say anything we've not heard before, but I still think it's something worth exploring today.

Every Day The Same Dream [Molleindustria]


    Very wierd, but entertaining. I'm on two steps left. Have you managed to beat it?

      Just beat it. Didn't really make me think... I found it a bit to obscure. Fun to play, however.

    No problems, I will take that job, thanks.
    Haha azif.
    They would take one look at me and say "Your retired!. Next!!"
    Damn you Mr. Trump.

    That was pretty cool.

    Fantastic game. BEST, most thought-filled flash game I have ever played.

    Hah! Theres an ending? The first time it looped I just assumed it was just going to keep repeating, like Groundhog Day. So I quit it :)

    Always good to see the EGP producing more top quality games.

    Art style also reminds me of Shag's but with all the colour drained.

    Game made me think, but not enough to let me finish it. I got to two steps left.

      Same. Two steps left and I got a bit bored of it... Which I guess you're meant to a bit...

    This was a pretty weird experience for me. However, minus the length, every part of this game was brilliantly designed.

    Just finished all of it. I didn't get what it means in the end. But it did make me think, the message I see is do things differently everyday to not make life stale. I really hope its one of them "every answer is correct" kind of things, I don't want to look stupid now. =P

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