Mac Version Of Dragon Age Just A Week Away

BioWare and TransGaming have teamed up to deliver Mac gamers their very own version of Dragon Age: Origins, available for digital download next week in both Standard and Digital Deluxe versions.

The Mac release of Dragon Age should be fairly identical to the PC release, thanks to TransGaming's software portability technologies. Like the PC game, the Digital Deluxe version of the game comes complete with the Warden's Keep DLC, exclusive in-game items, the digital soundtrack and a selection of wallpapers, while both releases will include the Blood Dragon Armor and Stone Prisoner DLC, free of charge.

"We are very excited to bring this award-winning title to the Mac community," commented Vikas Gupta, President and CEO of TransGaming. "Our Cider technology allows us to rapidly enable and deploy high quality titles like Dragon Age, and we are pleased to be delivering this exceptional calibre of gaming to the ever growing Mac gaming community."

Dragon Age: Origins for the Mac will be available for download on December 21 at GameTree, Direct2Drive, Best Buy, GamersGate and GameTap.


    No word on retail hard copy availability? Oh thats right, its Mac: NO-ONE owns a Mac and plays games, do they?

      Mac user here. I do have Vista 64bit installed on my laptop along side OSX. It runs Crysis OK and everything else runs really well.

      Since I installed Vista I've shunned my consoles for the 'PC'.

      For the record I also play games in OSX but when you compare the price differential between the OSX version and the steam (PC) version I wonder why they bother.

      So your kinda right, no one who own a Mac plays games in OSX but they install windows and play them on the Mac.

      I do you pompous sack of bones.
      Australia is pwnd once more due to download caps

    Giddy up.

    A google search has the sys requirements as:
    - Mac OS X 10.6.2 Leopard or higher
    - Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    - 2 GB RAM
    - ATI X1600 or NVIDIA 7300 or greater
    - 17 GB HDD space (for installation)

    No love for PowerPC (no surprisingly.)

    I play PC games on a mac all the time in OSX. I played through Dragon age on mac and it actually ran better than on my windows computer. I use and advocate the Crossover Games product to do this for any mac users who want to buy games at steam prices and play on OSX

      Yeah I've had a look at Crossover Games though wondered if its up to scratch, does it really work that well?

      What model Mac are you using? I have a MBP with the 9600M GT.

        It works pretty good for a lot of games. I would advise looking for your games on and then reading the forum posts and rank for the games. The community is getting better and there is a lot of people out there to help with issues. It is not perfect, but I things that are popular like source games, guild wars, etc all run pretty much as in windows.

        I have a Macbook 2.4GHz, 4GB ram, 9400M

    Disappointed that there won't be a hard release... but equally happy that they actually made it. I.e. my Macbook Pro with 9600MGT plays games exactly the same as an equivalent Windoze box, it's just that I have to boot into Windows to play them... hopefully devs are going to start bothering with Macs, as there is a big market... we are gamers too, it's just that Macs are our computers, not our gaming platforms... if that makes any sense. But it's cool that they can play games as well. It's such a myth that that gaming is a "disadvantage" of Macs, because anyone who uses a Mac will tell you that gaming was the last thing on their minds when they bought it...

      I'm using the early-2008 MBP with an 8600M GT and I can do alright with most things (though not as well as I'd like I'll concede). This MacBOok, funny enough, also runs Windows better than any for-Windows laptop or PC I've ever owned, too.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Thats great news because my mate has just bought a MacBook with a 9400M and I can finally get him playing L4D if Source games work through Crossover.

    ah good, no one should miss out on this game

    Looks like the pre-order places listed by bioware are all disallowing a sale to Aussie IP addresses. :-(

    Awww. Isnt that cute? Mac gets a game :D

    Anyone got a clue to the size of the download? Cos I got a feeling being an aussie, this is gonna kill my freaking stupid OPTUS download cap.

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